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What Can You Expect?

A Proper Diagnosis Is Crucial

Does every transmission shop you call seem more interested in selling you a transmission, rather than determining what's really wrong with your car? Let the Transmission Experts at Star Transmissions properly evaluate and find the root cause of your transmission problem. To get this right, we need to physically inspect your vehicle, this step is far too critical to attempt over the phone or internet.

Here is what you can expect:

Step 1 - Call for a tow, schedule an appointment online or simply stop by our shop today for a FREE Transmission Evaluation. The transmission evaluation takes approximately 2 hours and is a complete check of your transmissions electronic and mechanical systems. Don’t worry there is no “gotcha fees” this is all done without removing the transmission from the vehicle. Please plan to leave your vehicle with us, so we may thoroughly inspect and properly diagnose your vehicle’s issue.

Step 2 - We'll road test your vehicle (if applicable), perform a complete scan of the electronic system using the latest diagnostic tools and inspect the transmission for signs of internal mechanical failures. Since both electrical and mechanical failures can be at fault, we must go through the entire system to determine the source of the problem. This may take a little extra time, but trust us it's worth it. Nobody likes being charged for unnecessary repairs, due to misdiagnosis.

Step 3 - Once we have determined your vehicle’s issue, you will be contacted to discuss any work that is needed and we will provide a real world estimate for the repairs. At this point no major work has been done, additionally there is no cost for the evaluation and you are under no obligation.

Now all you need to decide is whether or not to have your vehicle repaired. We're convinced you'll appreciate our thorough and upfront approach. At Star Transmissions, we’ll ease the worry and hassle of your transmission problems.