Professional Transmission Service

The number one cause of transmissions failures is lack of servicing. At Star Transmissions, we recommend a transmission service be performed at least every 20,000 miles or sooner if towing or heavy use.

Your transmission service will be performed by a certified transmission expert and will include a new pan gasket, filter, fluid and any necessary linkage or band adjustments per factory specifications. Included with our transmission service a FREE evaluation, we’ll road test your vehicle for drivability issues, we’ll conduct a detailed electronic scan, and comprehensive visual inspection of your entire drivetrain, including: the transmission, transfer case (if applicable), differential(s), axles, bearings, seals, mounts, tires, etc. Then we’ll advise you of any other items needing your immediate attention.

Expert Transmission Repairs

There are many signs of transmission trouble; leaks, slipping, vibrations, noises, staying in one gear or falling out of gear, etc. Ignoring any of these warning signs can lead to overheating or further damage, requiring more expensive repairs. Wouldn’t it be better if you could get it fixed with just a minor repair? How much would you save then?

As transmissions become more technologically advanced electronic issues caused by faulty wiring, worn out sensors/solenoids and problems inside the computer or Powertrain Control Module (PCM) are becoming more common. These issues are electronic in nature, not mechanical. So why replace the entire transmission? Do you trust a dealer service advisor or a commissioned sales person to offer a minor repair, when hitting their sales goals depends on selling you a transmission? Star Transmissions is a local family owned shop that is focused on expanding our business and building on our strong reputation, we’re not here to just sell you a transmission. We strive to earn your trust and referrals from your friends and family for years to come. Star Transmissions offers customized solutions to fix what’s causing your transmission malfunction at an affordable price. Count on our transmission experts to properly diagnose the difference between a relatively minor electrical issue and a larger internal mechanical failure.