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Transfer Case Repairs

  • Complete Transfer Case Overhaul
  • Transfer Case Replacement
  • Transfer Case Upgrades
  • Transfer Case Repairs
  • Transfer Case Installation
  • Replace or Repair Damaged Case
  • Electronic Diagnostics/Repair
  • Reseal and Leaks Fixed
  • Linkage Repair

Expert Transfer Case Repair & Service

Transfer Case | Star Transmissions

Whether you are heading off-road in your Jeep, towing with your Ford F250 or just trying to make it home through heavy rain fall or a snow storm, there is one thing we know. You need to know when the road conditions get bad or the load is heavy, that your 4WD or AWD system operating properly and up to the task. At Star Transmissions we provide complete Transfer Case service, from sealing a small leak, to repairing an electronic component or rebuilding after a major failure. Our ASE Certified technicians have the knowledge and experience needed for a dependable repair of your transfer case.

Transfer Case Rebuilding Service

If your transfer case does need to be completely rebuilt, this is what you can expect. We fully disassemble the entire unit, thoroughly clean and inspect the case, and all internal parts for damage and wear. Once we verify the cause of the failure, we replace all damaged and worn parts, reassemble and reinstall the transfer case back into your vehicle. Once complete the rebuilt transfer case is backed by a 12 months/12,000 miles warranty.