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Complete Transmission Rebuilding Services

Star Transmissions specializes in complete transmission rebuilding services for cars & trucks. This is the CORE of our business and since our area of expertise is focused on transmissions we can apply that knowledge across a wide variety of vehicles. 

Here are some of the benefits of having your transmission rebuilt at Star Transmissions:

  • FREE towing, estimate and thorough transmission evaluation

  • Replaces worn and damaged transmission parts

  • Machined and updated parts to eliminate design flaws and common problems

  • Typically less expensive than new or remanufactured transmissions

  • More reliable than used transmissions and superior warranty coverage

  • Local service and warranty support

Bring your vehicle in Star Transmissions today so we may complete our FREE transmission evaluation. During the transmission evaluation we’ll perform a road test and scan your vehicle to see what is happening while the transmission is malfunctioning, check for possible error codes and visually inspect the transmission for leaks, damage, etc. If we determine that your transmission failure was caused by an internal mechanical or electronic problem. We’ll contact you and discuss your options.

Automatic Transmission Rebuilding Services

We’ll fix the transmission that's been matched to your vehicle since it was new from the factory. Why replace, when you can repair or rebuild? Our rebuilt automatic transmission not only replaces worn out and damaged parts. Additionally, our ASE Certified rebuilder will also custom machine parts and install updated parts. This is done to eliminate design flaws and common transmission problems, which are specific to your vehicle’s transmission. Ensuring safe, consistent operation, and a long lasting repair that you can depend on.  Also, we include a rebuilt torque converter with every transmission rebuild that we complete, at no additional cost. You’ll save money, because we only charge you for what is necessary to keep your transmission functioning properly for years to come and nothing more.

Manual Transmission Rebuilding Services

Let Star Transmissions rebuild you broken, worn and tired manual transmission. We’ll remove & inspect your transmission and clutch to let you know what should be replaced.  Then we’ll provide an estimate of parts and labor to rebuild. Once completely rebuilt we’ll reinstall everything back in your vehicle and make any necessary adjustments, so your vehicle shifts like it was new again. While this is being done it’s also a great time to inspect you clutch and flywheel for wear or damage.