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How much will a rebuilt transmission cost?

We receive calls from customers every day at our shop and the most common question we’re asked is … “How much for a transmission?” That's a loaded question, mostly because a transmission repair is a service NOT a product. Choosing the right transmission repair shop takes a lot more research than walking into your local parts store to buy a rebuilt water pump and comparing the price of Part A with Part B. You can call 10 different shops and get 10 different prices, but what does that really tell you about the company performing the work or standing behind the repair? So you see there’s a lot to consider, price is not all that matters. We understand price is important, but as you decide on the shop completing the repairs consider asking the following questions too:

Your Questions

Our Answers

How long have you been in business?

Since 1972

Do you employ technicians certified in drivetrain repairs?

Yes, ASE Certified

Are you an ATRA member shop?

Yes, since 2007

Do you offer a nationwide warranty?

Yes, at ATRA’s over 1,900 member shops

For automatic transmissions: Is a rebuilt torque converter included in your price or an additional cost?

A rebuilt ProTorque converter is included with all rebuilt automatic transmissions

Do you include all updated parts and/or re-machining needed to address common failures and known defects?

Yes, this is done to correct common defects & design flaws, to ensure a long lasting repair.

What can I expect if I have to bring my vehicle back under warranty?

Expect the same level of service as you received during the original repair


Let me guess that still doesn’t answer your question, because what you really want to know is ... "How much will it cost to fix my transmission?" Right? There’s a reason for that, at this point we don’t have enough information and there’s no reason to discuss worst case scenario yet.  What if your vehicle’s issue is caused by low fluid, a restricted filter, or external electronic problems that can be repaired without removing the transmission from the vehicle? That’s why it’s important to choose a qualified shop, with expert technicians that you can trust, not just the shop that quoted the lowest price over the phone. To give you an accurate estimate of the cost of you repairs there are a few things that need to be done. First, we’ll need to confirm which transmission your vehicle is equipped with. Then we’ll evaluate the transmission in your vehicle. We do that by performing a road test and scanning your vehicle to see what is happening while the transmission is malfunctioning, check for possible error codes and visually inspect the transmission for leaks, damage, etc. After that is complete we can provide a real world estimate of what it will cost to repair your car. No bait and switch games and no gotchas.

Call today, schedule an appointment online or simply stop by our location at 994 Fulton Street, Farmingdale, NY 11735. At Star Transmissions, we’ll ease the worry and hassle of your transmission problem with a FREE Evaluation and Estimate. Please plan to leave your vehicle with us, so we may thoroughly inspect and properly diagnose your vehicles issues.