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Ford Truck or SUV Transmission Problems?

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At the first sign of transmissions problems bring your vehicle into Star Transmissions right away instead of waiting. If you continue to drive vehicle with a transmission problem it possibly may cause more unnecessary damage. Ford has been building some of the best-selling trucks and SUVs in America for decades and for good reason, they’re tough and durable. Unfortunately once the transmission starts acting up, the miles of dependable service are quickly forgotten. Whether your Ford truck is your personal or business vehicle, we understand that you want it back as soon as possible and working right.

Are you interested in saving up to 30% off the Dealership and Franchise Transmission shop prices?

Saving 30% is only part of the story … What if your issue can be fixed with a minor repair? How much would you save then? The most common Ford transmission problems we see are the minor ones that cause the Check Engine light to come on. These issues are electronic in nature, not mechanical. So why replace the entire transmission? Do you trust a dealer or a commissioned sales person to offer a minor repair, when they can sell you the whole transmission? Most times they won’t even look at your vehicle without a charge. We don't have the "Plug and Play" salesman mentality of the new car dealerships; their answer to most transmission issues is to sell you another transmission to cure the problem. If you drive a Ford F-Series, E-Series, Transit, Ranger or an SUV like the Escape, Edge, Explorer, Expedition, or Excursion. Let Star Transmissions repair properly diagnose the difference between a relatively minor electronic issue and a larger internal mechanical failure.

If you're thinking your Ford transmission problem might be more serious or just need more information, we can help with that too. We've been repairing, overhauling, and rebuilding Ford truck and SUV transmissions better than the factory for decades.

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For an appointment, call today, schedule online or drop by our location at 994 Fulton Street, Farmingdale, NY 11735 for a FREE comprehensive evaluation of your Ford. At Star Transmissions, we’ll be happy to assist you and take excellent care of your Ford so it can take care of you.