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I can honestly say I trust this place! I went to get my transmission fixed and found out that there was nothing wrong with my transmission! It was a problem with the computer. It was a less expensive repair bill. I really appreciate how I was treated and will tell everyone I know about Star Transmissions!
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Differential Service

  • Complete Front & Rear Differential Overhaul
  • Front & Rear Differential Repairs/Replacement
  • Front & Rear Differential Upgrades
  • Housing, Ring & Pinion, Axle and Bearing Repairs/Replacement
  • Reseal and Leaks Fixed
Differential | Star Transmissions

Bring it to the Differential Experts

When servicing your differential, it’s not only important to consider where you bring your vehicle, but more importantly who is performing the work. For over 3 decades our ASE Certified technicians have been rebuilding differentials for car & trucks. We perform all work in-house, from simple fluid changes, to complex repairs like replacing bearings, upgrading gears, to a complete rebuild or replacement.  Let the expert technicians at Star Transmissions service, repair or rebuild your leaking, worn or damaged differential today.

About Differentials

The purpose of your vehicle’s differential is to transfer the engine’s power to the drive wheels and allows the wheels to rotate at different speeds in turns without the wheel binding or hopping. For a rear-wheel drive vehicle the differential is on the rear axle, for a front-wheel drive vehicle the differential is typically part of your transmission unit called the transaxle. So it makes sense that four wheel drive (4WD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles have differentials on both axles. Additionally 4WD/AWD vehicles have a center differential or a transfer case between the front and rear axles to compensate for speed differences between the front and rear differentials. Whether your car or truck has four-wheel drive, front wheel drive, or rear wheel drive, your vehicle has a differential that experiences wear and tear. These components are very strong and when maintained properly, are designed to last a long time.

Common causes of differential failure:

Low Fluid – Differential fluid acts as a lubricant and cooling agent for your vehicles differential gears. Driving the vehicle with low fluid caused by leaks will result in the differential running too hot, this leads to excess wear and heat damage.

Hard or Excessive Use - Even though your vehicle’s differential was designed to handle the power and weight of your vehicle. Prolonged heavy use, hauling heavy loads, towing, plowing snow, or off-road use may greatly shorten the lifespan of your differential.

Improper Previous Repair - The most crucial part of any differential repair is setting up the gears to the proper specifications. Too tight and the gears will wear too quickly, to loose and you’ll wind up with excessive noise or worse chipped or broken teeth. For a dependable long lasting repair, you need an experienced technician to get it just right.