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Axle & CV Joint Repair & Replacement

When an axle or Constant Velocity (CV) joint fails, it’s can easily be confused with a major transmission problem. Mostly because when you place the car in gear and step on the accelerator … nothing happens. The motor revs, but the car won’t move or only creeps. Luckily in most cases this is an inexpensive repair, at least when compared with the average transmission repair cost. That’s why this is usually the first component we inspect on any disabled vehicle, that is brought to our shop for a transmission repair. 

The most common cause of CV joint failure is a cracked CV boot. Once the protective boot becomes cracked, it allows dirt and moisture to mix with the grease. This causes corrosion and excessive wear on the joint. Usually the first symptom of a CV joint problem is hearing a clicking noise while turning. Due to the low cost of most replacement axles, we usually suggest replacing the entire axle, rather than rebuilding an old and tired CV joint.

Driveshafts & U-Joint Repair & Replacement

Star Transmissions provides complete drivetrain u-joint and driveshaft replacement and repair services at our shop, for rear wheel drive (RWD) and four wheel drive vehicles (4WD). Our certified technicians recommend that your driveshaft and U-joints be inspected regularly for optimal safety and reliability of your vehicle. Trucks and SUVs commonly have driveshaft slip joints requiring lubrication or hanger bearings to reduce vibration and support longer driveshafts. Additionally worn or damaged U-joints can pose a serious risk of damaging your vehicle and even personal injury, if the driveshaft were to be ejected from the vehicle at high speed or while under a load. If you hear a squeaking or clunking when you accelerate from a stop or shift into reverse, you should schedule an appointment for an inspection. Let Star Transmissions replaced any worn or damaged parts and get you safely back on the road.