About Us

Why Choose Star?

We understand that there are many choices available when it comes to transmission repair, which may leave you wondering ... Why choose Star Transmissions? It comes down to three factors: Honesty, Quality and Dependability. That's why 80-85% of our current customers came to Star Transmissions through a referral or as a repeat customer. Let us show you why they come back to Star Transmissions and refer their friends and family. Add in personal service and competitive prices and it's a combination that is hard to beat.

About Star Transmissions

Star Transmissions is a family owned independent transmission shop and has been serving Nassau & Suffolk Counties since 1972. Since purchasing the shop in 2002, Paul has been building a loyal following of both retail and wholesale customers. We are committed to serving our customers fairly and honestly with no franchise fees, huge advertising campaigns or commissioned salespeople. We keep our overhead low, our prices fair and reinvest those savings into replacing all the critical components in your transmission with quality parts. That way, Star Transmissions can ensure trouble free performance for many years to come. Keep in mind that although we specialize in Rebuilt Transmissions and Transmission Repairs for all Makes and Models, we also offer expert service and repair of nearly every drive component between the engine and the wheels of your vehicle. This includes differentials and transfer cases (4WD, AWD).

About the Owner:

As a young man, Paul started his career as a transmission rebuilder and installer. He had worked on cars from a young age, but could not find anyone willing to train him. Determined, he taught himself by reading books and working on anything he could get his hands on. At his first transmission job, he was responsible for removing and installing every transmission he rebuilt. When you are just starting out you tend to make mistakes and he made a few. But when you are the guy that is pulling that same transmission out for a 2nd or 3rd time, you also learn a very valuable lesson very quickly. As Paul would say, "The long way is the short way, in the long run." Take your time, do it right and do it once. It was a lesson that has served him well through his 40+ years in the transmission business as a mechanic, a manager and an owner. Although Paul doesn't find himself at the bench rebuilding transmissions often, except for (ironically) the same transmissions that gave him so much trouble when he first started out. Transmissions from the 50's to the 70's have now become his specialty. The lessons they taught him still influence how he runs the business, what he expects from his staff of expert technicians, and ultimately why Star Transmissions delivers quality repairs you can depend on.